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Parent Coaching

A few days before I became a mom to my son Luke, a friend asked me if I felt ready to be a parent.  Of course I felt ready! I reminded her that I was a therapist who helped parents with their children, and I babysat and nannied most of my life.  How hard could parenting be?

I still laugh at that naive woman who thought parenting was so simple. Little did I know that parenting is a complicated, never ending job. You feel like you’re losing your mind. Every decision feels crucial. Every mistake feels epic. You feel as if you’re constantly destroying your child’s life when you just really, truly are doing your best (and you’re probably not destroying them at all!). 

I’ve been a licensed therapist for ten years. I love coaching parents to find their own unique balance and system for their family. I’m here to listen, support, and guide you through this maze and problem solve together. I provide honest, practical feedback.

We will work together to help you see things from a different angle to find improvements. When life feels chaotic and overwhelming, I will help you feel like parenting is manageable.

You’re not alone. You’ve got this. Let’s do it together. 

How It Works

We will have an initial 45-60 minute FaceTime or phone call (your preference), where you can vent or cry and tell me what’s been happening. I will listen, ask questions and help you begin to form a plan.

After the initial conversation, we will use the app Voxer. This will allow you to tell me in real time what’s happening, and we can work through it.


The setting or situation constantly changes in parenting, but your approach needs to be consistent. We will trouble shoot to help you find a confident approach that works best for your family.


$250 per month (including initial conversation)


About me 

I have ten years of experience working  as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I have worked in the mental health field, from young adults to parents and children. I love helping families find a system that works best for them. As a mother, I know that parenting at times feels like the most complicated of mazes. As a parenting coach, I use my insight and experience to give you the tools to navigate the maze and help you feel confident and successful. I have a straight forward, compassionate, practical approach that helps you see what needs to be done and feel confident doing it.      

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About Therapy
California Residents Only

Quality Care You Can Count On

Life can be hard. Occasionally we find ourselves in a space where we feel invisible, detached, and lonely. We do not want others to know what we are going through. Therapy provides an opportunity to talk about life’s problems and get you on the path to dealing with them. 


As your therapist, I provide an objective ear to listen and give feedback. Together, we will guide you through acquiring the tools to help you see life from a different angle and start making improvements. My approach to therapy is to allow you to talk about what you are experiencing and help you see how your past affects your present and future. I provide honest, practical feedback that will support a feeling that life is manageable, even when it is most difficult.


Need someone to listen? I’m here.

What To Expect At Your Visit


In individual therapy, I will help you sort the relationships you have made in life whether family, friendships or romantic that affect your daily mood. We will try to get to the root of where they came from and how they affect you today. I use practical approaches that make you feel like life is something you can handle again. I have experience working with people who cope with many ailments including depression and anxiety. 


Love is hard. You choose to love someone despite how much they drive you crazy at times. Many people think that couples therapy is only for when you’re on the verge of a breakup, divorce, or managing a crisis. Therapy for couples can be as normal as helping you and your partner or spouse learn the different ways that you communicate with each other in order to make your daily frustrations feel less frustrating. I provide a calm, neutral environment to help mediate and navigate through the normal day to day interactions that sometimes lead to bigger frustrations and crisis. I allow both people to feel heard and understood at a time when you just want your partner/spouse to listen.



No matter how prepared you thought you were to raise a child, parenting can hit you like a speeding car coming from nowhere. Raising humans, no matter the age, requires so much energy and patience. Sometimes you just feel alone, like you want to quit even when you know it’s a job you’ll never give up. You love your children (or maybe you don’t), but you need some help because you’re feeling stuck. My extensive experience and calm presence will help you feel like you can make it through your days and will build your confidence in your approach and interactions with your children.

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